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Meco receives Canadian Dam Association (CDA) 2013 Corporate Award
The award recognizes companies for their demonstrated commitment and leadership in the dam industry in Canada.
6th Annual Provincial Popsicle Bridge Challenge
Nova Scotia Jr. High School students compete to build a 600 mm bridge from popsicle sticks.
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Small Dams in Canada
What is a small dam? Who is a small dam owner?
Flood Frequency Analysis of the Mersey River, Nova Scotia using Bivariate Extreme-Value Distribution
Floods are random multivariate events adequately described by their peak flows, volumes, durations and shapes.
Seismic Design Considerations for Atlantic Canada
Design professionals are well acquainted with dead, live and environmental loading on structures.
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Gulch Electrical Refurbishment
The Gulch Hydro Station owned and operated by NSPI, was constructed in the early fifties. The station consists of a single 7 MW Francis unit.
Lake Milo Dam
Meco was retained by the Town of Yarmouth in 2009 to complete a Dam Safety Review (DSR) of Lake Milo Dam, located in the Town.
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