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Calling all Engineers, let Meco be your Destination Employer!

Our Staff

Meco isn’t your typical group of people. We each have our own individual style, tastes and personalities which come together to make us a diverse group.  If you apprecaite diversity, Meco may be a destination employer for you!

Our Community

At Meco, community involvement is a top priority. We are involved and connected in the community. Whether it is a community event, volunteer work or our own personal involvement, Meco is always ready!

Our Events

Meco has an eclectic array of events that we encourage our staff to participate in every year. From corporate to professional to social events, there is something for everyone.

Health & Safety

Meco takes your health and safety seriously and do our best to keep you safe. It’s not just about you at work, it’s also about safety everyday no matter where you are. We want you and your families to be and feel safe.

The Meco Beavers

Welcome to our company hockey team, which is made up entirely of staff. The Meco Beavers get together every week during lunch to engage in a quick game. If this is something you enjoy then skate on inside and see more.

Boating, BBQ’s & More

Some have hobbies like boating, biking and hiking; others like spending time with their family or just relaxing. Meco embraces a good work/life balance and encourages our staff to participate in a variety of activities.

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