Lake Milo Dam

Town of Yarmouth

Meco was retained by the Town of Yarmouth in 2009 to complete a Dam Safety Review (DSR) of Lake Milo Dam, located in the Town. A DSR is a formal evaluation of a dam and related structures that follows a framework prescribed by Dam Safety Guidelines of the Canadian Dam Association. Lake Milo dam was originally built in the late 1700's with a concrete fish ladder added to the original dam in 1938. A steel sluice gate was added to the control structure in 1968. The town manages the Lake Milo reservoir for recreation purposes.

Meco Services Include:

The DSR identified the structure as deficient to the CDA guidelines and the fishway as deficient to requirements of the Department of Fisheries & Oceans (DFO) for a Pool and Weir facility. Meco prepared a remedial design to rehab the fishway and the dam to meet modern best practices.

Construction in 2012 resulted in a structure that will ensure continued recreational enjoyment for the citizens of Yarmouth for the foreseable future and protection of the regions fishery resources.

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