Tusket Powerhouse

Nova Scotia Power Inc.

Previous assessments of the powerhouse have concluded that the structure may not have sufficient sliding resistance to meet industry standards for stability.  The purpose of this work is to perform a detailed assessment of stability and structural integrity of the concrete substructure forming the Tusket powerhouse and determine possible remedial design measures if the structure does not meet criteria contained in the Canada Dam Association (CDA) Guidelines.

Meco's Services include:

  • Site visit and site investigation
  • Stability analysis and structural assessment
  • Develop options for remedial works, as necessary, including modifications required to allow the intake gates to be closed under full flow in a unit emergency situation.  Deliverable for the project is a preliminary level design report for the structure that would allow it to meet or exceed the CDA Guidelines for stability and present day industry standards for structural integrity while providing the capability to close intake gates under full flow in an emergency situation.
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