Lepper Brook Dam

Town of Truro

Meco was contracted by the Town of Truro to complete a Dam Safety Review (DSR) and prepare an Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) and an Operation Maintenance and Surveillance (OM&S) Manual in accordance with the Canadian Dam Association (CDA) Dam Safety Guidelines 2007, for the Lepper Brook Dam, Truro, Nova Scotia.

The reservoir is impounded by an earth embankment dam that is approximately 25m in height with a crest length of 300m.  The reservoir has a storage of 2.7 X 106 m3 of water at full supply level (FSL).  The dam was created in 1898 with an intake through the dam structure and was raised and upgraded in the 1940's and 1990's.

The Town observed a small leak at the base of the dam in the summer of 2004 and requested an inspection.  If the leak had gone unnoticed it may have resulted in a piping failure through the dam that would have ben catastrophic.  Meco designed a downstream filter and grouted the intake pipe to mitigate the leak and prevent the internal erosion of the dam.

Meco's Services include:

  • Dam Safety Review of Lepper Brook Dam
  • Design Remedial work, including downstream graded filter
  • Grout stabilization of internal piping
  • Prepare Management Documents
    • Emergency Preparedness Plan
    • Operations, Maintenance & Surveillance Manual
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