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Dam Safety Review, Milltown Generating Station

Dam Safety Review (DSR), Milltown Generating Station, New Brunswick Power

Meco has performed Dam Safety Reviews (DSR’s) for NB Power (NP) at the Milltown Generation Station (MTGS), located on the St. Croix River at St. Stephen, NB.

The DSR was completed in the framework of the Canadian Dam Association Dam Safety Guidelines (CDA 2007, revised 2013), as per NB Power’s Dam Safety

Management System.  Meco’s services included:

  • A comprehensive site inspection and assessment of the physical condition/deficiencies.
  • A review of inflow hydrology and recommendation for an Inflow Design Flood (IDF).
  • Preliminary dam failure model and inundation assessment to estimate the consequences of a dam failure. Analysis is used to recommend a consequence classification for the dam.
  • A review of Design and Construction, including stability, freeboard, and foundation assessment.
  • A review of OM&S and Emergency Action Plans (EAP) and practices.
  • A review of monitoring instrumentation and observations, including an assessment of compliance with previous recommendations.
  • Documentation and preparation of a formal report with findings and recommendations. Report includes an opportunity for client review and comment on results prior to final document publication.
Dam Safety Review, Flood Study

Dam Safety Review & Flood Study, Newfoundland Power

Meco completed a dam safety review and flood study for five (5) hydroelectric development simultaneously; Rose Blanche Hydro, Lookout Brook Hydro, Sandy Brook Hydro, Rattling Brook Hydro and Port Union Hydro.

Overall, there were 30 dams of various shapes and sizes ranging in height from 2.5m up to 15m. A critical component of the work was establishing digital elevation map (DEM) for all facilities to allow for dam break models.

Meco completed the work over a six month period that included the following deliverables:

  • Document Review and Dam Classification
  • Evaluation of Inflow Hydrology and Routing of systems
  • Dam Break Modelling and Potential Failure Modes Analysis
  • Evaluation of incremental consequences of failure models and delineation of potential losses to life safety, environment and economy.
  • Site Inspection, Topographic Survey & Staff Interviews
  • Design and Construction Review
    • Freeboard adequacy
    • Spillway Capacity
    • Stability analysis for each dam
  • An assessment of Public Safety and Security Around Dams

All models were prepared in the HEC-RAS model software and presented in inundation maps for eventual insertion into the Newfoundland power EPP/ERP format.

The work was completed within the project budget and schedule.