Civil Engineering - Bridge Foundation Design

Bridge Foundation Design, Mike Kelly & Sons


Meco was retained by Mike Kelly and Sons Contracting to complete a Geotechnical Assessment for abutment design to support a Mabey & Johnson Bridge and a Bolt-a-Bin Wall to achieve grade.

The bridge is a temporary structure expected to be operational for a maximum two-years.  The geotechnical model was developed using previous geotechnical reports provided by the Client.

There was no new geotechnical investigation completed as part of the work.  Meco was able to re-interpret the available subsurface geotechnical data and develop foundation design performance criteria and design recommendations.  Meco then worked with local partners to verify construction.

The work included:

  • A comprehensive geotechnical model of the site using subsurface geotechnical investigation reports provided by others.
  • A geotechnical assessment report that considered CSA S6 bridge loading. Analysis included:
    • Global and Local Slope Stability
    • Deformation/Settlement Analysis
    • Seismic Analysis
  • A formal report including a detailed description of expected subsurface conditions, analysis methodology, and conclusions and recommendations for design / construction.
  • Design / Construction support during installation and discussions with owner, including sign-off on independent QA reporting and construction verification.

This project demonstrates Meco’s ability and knowledge in foundation design for bridges and the requirements of quality control during construction.

Bridge Foundation Design
Shelburne County Rail Trail Bridges

Condition Reviews and Underwater Inspections, Municipality of the District of Shelburne

Meco was retained by the Municipality of the District of Shelburne to carry out a condition review for three trail bridges along the Shelburne County Rail Trail.

All three bridges were constructed in the early 1900s as railway bridge structures and were repurposed in the early 2000s to serve as trail bridges. The bridges range from a single span to a three span steel plate girder superstructure with a timber deck.

The condition review included a visual inspection for each bridge and an underwater inspection for two of the bridges.

The work included:

  • A visual inspection of all accessible bridge elements in accordance with the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC) and the Ontario Structure Inspection Manual (OSIM). Inspections were completed from the land, deck top and waterway with the use of a boat.
  • Documentation of all bridge elements and their respective condition in a comprehensive inspection form. The form was completed in accordance with OSIM.
  • An underwater inspection report detailing the condition of the underwater portions of the abutments and piers. The report included a video of the underwater inspection.
  • A formal condition review report documenting bridge condition, a photo loge for each structure, a capital plan detailing maintenance and repair recommendations for the next 10 years and a preliminary cost estimate for anticipated repairs.

This project demonstrates Meco’s ability and knowledge in bridge inspection and condition assessment.

Trail Bridge Condition Review & Underwater Inspection