Once a year, all staff are challenged to throw all our values on the floor and only pick up those that still apply. Or maybe add new values that are not there.

Each year there are changes, maybe in values or definitions, but our Workplace Culture, which reflects the unstated attitudes, character, and behaviors of our group, is strengthened by challenging our values on a regular basis.  We think of workplace culture as the line between what our group will and will not accept.

Fidelity - A Meco Core Value


True loyalty is a value that is balanced and intrinsic. At Meco we recognize the importance of balance and encourage three types of fidelity; Be true to yourself (Health & Friends), true to Meco (profit & reputation) and true to the profession (diligence & competence).

Integrity - A Meco Core Value


At Meco, our interpretation of Integrity means we will have the courage to say “Yes” only when we know we should, and to say “No” at all other times, and in so doing, we are truthful and honest with ourselves and others (Meco). Saying No is hard work!

Ingenuity - A Meco Core Value


Meco observes ingenuity in engineering all the time.  We call it risk management. A clever solution can change the risk exposure of a decision, both good and bad, and should be taken in consultation with all parties. It is this understanding of risk and ingenuity that Meco aspires towards.

Empathy - A Meco Core Value


At Meco, we believe empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, i.e., the capacity to place oneself in another's position. Our staff are expected to strive to understand the feelings, thoughts, and attitudes of our clients when interacting with them.

Flexibility - A Meco Core Value


Adaptable people demonstrate flexibility and actually adjust to change, they do not just “get by.” They accept change, embrace it by honing strategies for dealing with the unknown and shift their behavior to accommodate new situations and challenges. It is easy to “Get By”, but that is not what our values demand.

Decisiveness- A Meco Core Value


Making decisions is an act of individualism and finality. Analysis should involve broad discussions but eventually someone must make a decision. That someone is you at Meco. In other words, finish the task, do not dither, “Good Enough”.  Decide and move on!