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Meco is a speciality Canadian engineering and construction consulting firm.

Established in 1992, Meco currently operates throughout Canada and internationally from our office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Meco's core business is in Dam Safety Management and Dam Safety Engineering.

Meco is an active corporate member of the Canadian Dam Association (CDA), a regular participant at ICOLD and USSD and a recipient of the CDA Corporate Award in recognition of its integral role in the industry.

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Meco is an equal opportunity employer. 

Small firm cozy atmosphere with a Big firm project environment.

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A Safe Dam is a structure that will perform in a predictable manner to all load conditions.

A Safe Dam is achieved by planning and execution of dam safety principles and fiduciary responsibilities through a Dam Safety Review (DSR).

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How Safe is your Dam?

If you Fail to plan, you plan to Fail.

In Canada, the manual for planning are the CDA Dam Safety Guidelines.

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Meco provides comprehensive geotechnical including reconnaissance, preliminary and final investigations, geotechnical modeling for foundations, slopes and embankments. 

Our goals are to provide innovative and reliable engineering consultation, which lends itself to reduced construction costs while producing superior project performance.

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Looking for a rational way to allocate capital for your projects? 

Meco has developed a multi-faceted vulnerability-based risk methodology (VBRM) to assist with your decision-making process.

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Meco can help you with your water resource needs.

Water Resource Engineering seeks to establish relations defining the spatial, temporal, seasonal, annual, regional, or geographical variability of water, with the aim of ascertaining societal risks involved in sizing hydraulic structures and systems.

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